We like to make your stay complete with our  personal tips for the  surrounding of Villa BBB.


Oosterhout has become a city in 1809. It received city rights by King Lodwijk Napoleon. But Oosterhout already existed much longer and the town has a meaningful history which is illustrated by many still preserved landmarks. However Oosterhout is nowadays a modern city in which historical and modern architecture are brought together.

The historical city center of Oosterhout is characterized by its large church “Sint Jansbasiliek” located at the market square, close to the park named “Slotjes”. The park is surrounded by the streets, Leijsenhoek, Klappeystraat and Kerkstraat with many shops, bars and restaurants. Oosterhout also situates a shopping mall named Arendshof.

Oosterhout offers a lot for culture lovers, because the following museums are located in Oosterhout; a toy Museum – Speelgoedmuseum and the province Brabant Museum – “Brabant Museum Oud Oosterhout”. Furthermore you could visit city garden “de Schelp”. Or are you more a nature lover? In this case you should definitely not miss out on the National Park “Biesbosch”. For children Oosterhout locates public swimming pool “de Warande”.

Dinner first

In case you have visited Oosterhout before it’s not unlikely that you have already heard of the saying “Dinner first”. But you might wonder where does this saying come from?

Oosterhout lacks a train station and there’s a special reason for this. Back in the days when the train stations were allocated to the different municipalities by the Parliament situated in The Hague, city representatives of as well neighboring city “Gilze-Rijen” as “Oosterhout” visited The Hague. After a long journey by carriage the Oosterhouters decided to have dinner first, before having the meeting with the Parliamentarians. However the representatives of Gilze-Rijen did exactly the opposite. So you might have already guessed what happened. The train station had already been allocated to Gilze-Rijen by the time of arrival of the representatives of Oosterhout! Who doubts whether this is a true story only needs to have a look at the railway map of the province “Brabant”. Constructing a railway between Breda and Tilburg via Oosterhout is not very likely taken into account that Oosterhout is not at all on the route.




More and more people have the feeling that the overall balance between work and private life is disappearing. These people have the feeling that life is more than solely stressful working. In order to fulfill these needs neighboring Sports and Wellness center Willemsen Sport has developed a Body & Mind center where guests can participate in Body Balance, Pilates, Yoga, Power Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation/Relaxation.





You can make your night away at Villa BBB complete with an all-in workshop of your choice. To name a few, you could participate in a workshop “Back to balance with Yoga” or a painting class together with friends.

It’s possible to follow a workshop Yoga, Body Balance or Pilates. You will learn to listen to your body with Yoga and you will receive information about the different “Asanas”. With Pilates you will learn all about your ‘ Core ‘ and your breathing. During a workshop Body Balance, Tai Chi , Yoga and Pilates will be discussed. All workshops will provide you with information and exercises which you could do at home.

Villa BBB organizes painting workshops for the creative types among us. You will paint together with a friend, colleague or family member large or small paintings with a respective theme, question or style. Painting modern or classical themes with paint or chalk it’s all possible in this workshop and it’s therefore a great way to relax and to be creative.




There’s much to tell about the surrounding areas around Oosterhout and last but not least there’s much to do. Oosterhout offers nature, safari and theme parks, but as well museums. Below you will find a few tips which are definitely worth a visit.

– National Park “De Biesbosch”
– Theme Park “De Efteling”
– Cities – Breda & Den Bosch
– City – Antwerp, Belgium
– Safari Park “Beekse Bergen”